• The mission of Calvert 22 Foundation is to create projects and partnerships focused on the contemporary art and culture of Russia and Eastern Europe. We seek to achieve our aims through activity in four areas: art, culture, research and learning

  • Calvert 22 Gallery is a not-for-profit arts space dedicated to contemporary art from Russia and Eastern Europe.
    Calvert 22 Gallery aims to be an agenda-setting voice on the international cultural landscape, investigating current directions in artistic practice and theory relating to the 'former East'
  • The Calvert Journal is a daily online briefing on the culture and creativity of modern Russia, delivered through a mix of reportage, commentary and photography

  • Calvert Forum is a think tank that aims to unlock the potential of creative and cultural industries in Russia and Eastern Europe

  • Calvert Education aims to facilitate partnerships between academic and cultural institutions in the UK, Russia and Eastern Europe